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Water 101

 July 10, 2017  |   Brian Deckard

Most people don’t think about water anymore than turning the faucet knob and there it is. Our friends at Everpure have put together a fun graphic to teach you a bit more about that wet stuff none of us can live without.

Water as a Commodity

While it may seem that there is an abundance of water, when you consider the composition and availability of the Earth’s water, a different picture emerges.

The Human Need for Water

A few facts about human water usage put our vital need for clean, safe water in context:

  • Humans are comprised 55% – 60% of water
  • We can survive more than a month without food, but only a week without water.
  • The average American uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day.

For good health, it is recommended that the average adult consumes 8-12 cups of water per day. A more precise individual estimate of your water needs can be calculated when you:

Multiply your body weight x 1/2 ounce

For example: 150 lb. person x .5 oz of water per day,

Not all of your daily water consumption needs to come from plain water. Fruits, vegetables and non-caffeinated drinks also contribute to your daily tally. Of course, during exercise or on hot days, you should drink more water to avoid dehydration.

*Source: http://residential.everpure.com/en-US/know-your-water/water-101/

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