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Shock Treatment!

 October 14, 2019  |   Hannah Wallace

A private residential well supplying your home with its own isolated water source is a typical alternative to municipal water supplies, which come from a variety of sources and therefore may contain any number of contaminants. With your own well, you know exactly what you’re getting.

However, in some cases, what you’re getting from your well may still be contaminated—either something got in there during the installation process, or repair work has exposed your water supply to some creepy crawlies that need to be removed. Common sources of contamination include livestock runoff or a nearby septic tank that’s been compromised, and then something has allowed that material access to your well. So yes, you want to remove any trace of that sort of waste.

As we’ve discussed before, filtration systems can remove contaminants at the point they enter your house, and separate disinfection systems can kill the things that filters can’t block. But when it comes to a private water supply, Healthy Water Systems can actually help treat water at the source, so that you’re already sitting on a well’s worth of purified water.


Will my home's well water taste like chlorine?

Nope! Unlike municipal treatments that infuse chlorine into the water itself, a chlorine shock treatment is a one-time procedure to eliminate bacteria at the source. We make sure we use enough chlorine to disinfect every part of your well, but then the well is flushed and you're left with nothing but bacteria-free water.

If your well has been contaminated with bacteria, the simplest, most common fix we offer is a chlorine shock treatment: We use a chlorine-heavy solution that permeates every part of your well in order to thoroughly disinfect it from top to bottom. And not to worry, the chlorine doesn’t stay in the water supply. Once we’ve shocked the well, we flush out the chlorine so that all you’re left with is pure well water.

In combination with the shock treatment, we can add a filtration system that will remove certain mineral deposits that occur naturally in Florida’s groundwater. And if bacteria is still a concern (if, for instance, bacteria is detected after the shock treatment, meaning that the well itself has an ongoing purity issue that needs to be addressed), we can use a chlorine-free ultraviolet disinfection system to ensure that no bacteria survives the trip to your tap.

Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace received her English degree from Stetson University and has worked for more than 12 years as a full-time writer and editor for local news, business and lifestyle publications, specializing in health, culture, cocktails, and sarcasm. Simply put, Deckard & Company's copywriter is the best in the industry!

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