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Happy Holiday Hydration

 October 25, 2018  |   Brian Deckard

Don’t disappoint your guests with bad-tasting water.


It’s that time of year again: Big family dinners, traveling, guests from out of town, lots of visiting and eating and drinking. And we all know that to stay healthy through all of the holiday season celebrations, hydration is key.


But amid all the wonderful appetizers and entrees and desserts, we’ve all had that disappointing, thirsty experience, right? When you’re at a friend’s house or a relative’s, and you go to fix yourself a glass of water to wash everything down? You may try the tap, or you may even get water from the fridge dispenser—”Don’t worry! It’s filtered!” they tell you.


You take a big, satisfying gulp, but all you taste is something intense and mineral. Or the flavor of chlorine lingers long after you swallow. Even the ice cubes taint your drink with the earthy hint of mildew.


Worse still, what if you’re the host, and this is what your guests experience?


Residential water filtration has been a booming industry for decades now, and with good reason: Homeowners are concerned about the flavor of their water and the minerals and other contaminants they might be drinking, not to mention the effects of hardwater on their own plumbing systems.


But the problem with that industry boom is that it resulted in a lot of subpar filtration systems. Big companies trying to take advantage of demand created ineffective products, or filters with a short lifespan that demanded frequent replacing.


To ensure consistently high-quality drinking water, you can’t rely on stopgap filtration. A home water filtration takes care of your home’s water at the entry point, so that every faucet in your house streams clean, healthy water. Expert installation and maintenance means your water is taken care of before it even enters your home—and well before it enters your glass.


That’s one less thing you have to worry about this holiday season.

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