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Cool Ice Cube Ideas

By Brian Deckard / June 29, 2016

Hot summer days call for staying hydrated, and we’ve found some colorful ways to dress up your ice cubes to make consuming the requisite amount of water a little more fun and a lot tastier. PUCKER UP Combine equal parts fresh lemon juice and water; add a pinch of sugar. […]

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What the heck is El Niño?

By Brian Deckard / January 26, 2016

If you’ve seen a weather forecast in the past few weeks, you know that weather has been a bit extreme. Just a few days ago, a massive cold front pushed through the Eastern USA causing tornadoes in the Southeast and blizzards in the Northeast. Throughout all of it, you keep […]

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Best Water Filter Options

By Brian Deckard / January 11, 2016

Finding the healthiest and most nutrient dense food options is extremely important, but to some degree, finding the best water options can be even more important! Some sources of water can contain hundreds of chemicals and many of these chemicals can be more easily absorbed from water than from food.

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Is Hard Water Costing You Money?

By Bill Walleshauser / November 10, 2015

We all know that hard water is annoying. But is hard water actually costing you money? According to the US Geological Survey, the average American uses about 80-100 gallons of water each day by physical consumption, cleaning, flushing and bathing. Each month you pay for this water either by paying […]

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Hard Water: What is it?

By Bill Walleshauser / September 30, 2015

The US Geological Survey estimates that 85% of consumable water in the USA can be described as “hard.” The term “hard water” originally came about to describe water that didn’t work as well with soap; it was “hard” to rinse soap. Hard water also leaves behind a buildup of minerals […]

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Is It Possible to Over Hydrate?

By Bill Walleshauser / August 25, 2015

When it comes to water, we are always told to make sure we stay hydrated, especially if we live in areas with hot or tropical climates. We are also told if we feel tired in the afternoon, down a glass of H2O. Looking to loose some weight naturally, try drinking 16 […]

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Dangers of Rainwater

By Bill Walleshauser / August 14, 2015

In regards to the recent rainfall in Central Florida we thought we would inform you of the risks and rewards of collecting rainwater. Collecting rainwater and using it can be a great way to help conserve resources. There are many uses for rainwater such as, watering plants, cleaning, bathing and […]

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What is Fluorosis?

By Bill Walleshauser / August 4, 2015

  Are you aware of water-related diseases or have you ever heard of Fluorosis?   Fluorosis is caused by an ingestion of excess fluoride found most commonly in drinking water and it affects the teeth and bones. You can ingest moderate amounts of fluoride that will lead to dental effects […]

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Well Water Filtration

By Bill Walleshauser / July 21, 2015

Do you live in an area that uses well water?  Do you know if your well water is properly treated or if you have a good filtration system?  Do you know what goes into Well Water Treatment?

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Welcome to our New Website and Blog!

By Bill Walleshauser / July 6, 2015

Welcome to our new website! We are excited to bring this fresh website and blog to you, our customers! We hope it is easy to navigate and informative to answer any questions you may have about our services and the products we use and sell. If you do have any […]

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